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Pebble Plans produce better prepared and lower risk small business borrowers.

In cooperation with regional networks of community & financial partners, we work to advance economic development, business retention & expansion, and increased access to capital for small businesses throughout Texas by educating entrepreneurs and providing a superior business planning software solution.


We have gone to great lengths to make it easy for everyone to get what they are looking for without compromising quality.

For entrepreneurs:  We have made the business planning process intuitive and easy to make progress with.  We have packed tons of help into every page of the app so help is always 1 click away, and our extensive small business curriculum and training program is available if you need it. 

For lenders:  We have made it easier to find the kinds of businesses you want to work with in the communities you want to work in.  We provide better prepared borrowers, and our plans are faster and easier for your loan officers to analyze and make lending decisions with.

For community partners:  We know you are usually short staffed, so we have designed our partner programs to be easy to implement with a staff of 1.  We appreciate all you do to keep your communities growing and help small businesses find opportunities and access to capital.

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Success isn't an accident, you plan for it.