What an honor to have someone invite you to review their business plan.  That shows they respect your knowledge & opinion.

Important things to keep in mind as you are working with Pebble clients:

  • For the person that invited you, planning a business is probably new territory and they may be nervous about hearing your feedback. 

  • Please try to encourage them even if you have to deliver unpleasant news.

  • All data is live.  If you delete something in their plan it is gone.

  • Make sure to coordinate times with the person you are helping so you aren't both making changes to the plan at the same time.

  • If you delete your browser cache or cookies you will have to log-in again.

  • Many Pebble clients already have a relationship with a financial institution.  Do not recommend any funding entity until you know that they were not referred to Pebble by a particular lender, EDC or investment group.  We work hard to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • It's ok to say 'I don't know' not everyone is familiar with all areas of business planning.  If some of their questions are outside of your experience please do the right thing and say so.

  • If the person you are working with doesn't know how to do their calculations help them use the the financial validation tools so they can learn what goes into their business calculations and have it as a resource

  • If you get stuck let us know, we are glad to help you help the person you are working with.

If you were invited to be a collaborator or reviewer by a Pebble Plan user set up your account now, then the link in the email you received will give you access soon.

If you are interested in helping entrepreneurs make eyes-open decisions about their planned venture contact us and lets see where you fit in