Pebble improves the readiness of small businesses seeking community funding

   We ask the tough questions, provide the reality checks, and teach the   growth planning process so you can focus on building relationships & building communities

Pebble clients:

  • Know what's in their financials

  • Are better able to read financials

  • Have more realistic expectations

  • Know about deal structure

  • Understand CDC expectations

  • Know who their market is

  • Know their sales process

  • Have suppliers identified

  • Can list their growth assumptions

  • Understand the community developers perspective

  • Have confirmed their financial stability & ability to make end meet

  • Have confirmed their personal readiness to start & run a business

  • Know how to ask for help from advisors (SBDC or others)

  • Know their SWOT for key areas of their business

Plus you can find new potential clients and view their plans on our site

Why & How Pebble Plans are Different


We have all read business plans that highlight the entrepreneurs passion & drive but don't have real depth 


Our format limits the narrative story and structures the plan so topics don't get skipped.  We ask specific questions and get specific answers about the topics CDCs want to know about.   


Go to board meetings or council meetings with all the info you need on one piece of paper.

We boil down the essentials of the plan to 2 pages so you can quickly decide if your want to dig into the details now or if you want to circle back to it later on when you have more time 


Other software make it easy for your clients to make their financials look like the perfect industry average

We Do Not supply any industry data to clients because we believe their plan should be a reflection of their actual business; not what they think you want to see.  It's best for them, for you, and its the right thing to do.


We make it easy to protect your schedule & stay informed about the progress of the people you send us 

Keep an eye on your pipeline and make sure your clients are on track without having to fill you day with meetings until you want to.  Just log in to see who is ready for the next step & who may be stuck 

More reasons why Pebble is a great resource for community development organizations:

  • Pebble works seamlessly with the SBDC so your clients can still get one-on-one help

  • In side-by-side evaluation our financials have been shown to be as accurate as SBDC financials and plans get done faster​

  • We only send your clients back to you; we wont place them with another partner as long as they are working with you

  • Our curriculum has been evaluated by professors at multiple colleges / universities and found to be suitable for college-level instruction

  • Your clients are our clients too.  We are committed to protecting the relationship you have built, and that we are building with them