Success in business usually requires more than being great at the things you are already great at

Pebble helps you learn about, think through, and improve many of the the behind-the-scenes parts of a business that have to be managed so your core skills can take center stage and your business can grow.

Things like:

  • How much time success may require each week

  • How long it will take to hit an income target

  • Specifically who will buy from you and why

  • How much to charge & how much of that can you keep

  • Who will do what jobs at what times

  • How to get lending or investment if you need it

  • How to speak the 'language of bankers' (financial statements)

  • How to test your expectations and keep them realistic

  • lots more

When finished with the Pebble process you will be better equipped to explain and defend your business.  Plus you will have a detailed  growth plan ready to give to a lender.

" I know I'm risking our financial future, but I'll figure it out after I get started, I learn better by doing anyway "

- Broke, newly single guy

Couple signing loan documents with their eyes closed.

It sounds ridiculous, yet smart people say it every day as they sign loan documents and obligate their financial future to a business idea they haven't stress-tested yet. 


Pebble gives smarter entrepreneurs a risk-free place to answer tough questions about their business and an easy way to validate that the likely financial results will be enough for their needs and will fit their lifestyle.  In the process we create a lending-ready business plan for those who are ready to move forward with eyes open.



As you tell Pebble about the business you see in your head, it helps you get a clearer picture of  the money and the work that will be required to get the results you expect from the business without having to be a financial guru.  Just take it step by step and the system  + the built-in validation tools will help you design a financial model that fits your lifestyle and goals.   


Success is a team sport.  You probably wont win in business alone, and you don't have to create your Pebble Plan alone either.  Invite any advisor you want to work with you to keep you on track, or help if you get stuck.  We also make it easy to keep your lender informed of your progress so they can get their loan authorizing pen ready.


Pebble has been designed to serve the entrepreneurs needs first while also creating a true Win-Win for you and your lender.  Our process better prepares you as a business owner and as a borrower, which gives you an edge in getting started, and growing profits.  Putting you first also means we do almost all of the math and you only write a little at a time.  

Getting an awesome business plan is a bonus.  The magic is in the Pebble process that helps validate that you and your plan are ready to produce the results needed to turn your vision into reality.

Testimonial quotation

"Pebble ROCKS!"  

Iris Adkinson, Quarry supplies and more