What type of planning are you doing?

1.  You are validating for yourself that your idea can work and that someone will give you money for providing this product or service.

2.  You are starting a business and will not be seeking a loan or outside investment

3.  You are planning a growth project for your business but do not need formal financial documents created for the plan

1.  You have already created your business model & need a business plan for a bank or investor as you launch your business

2.  You are planning a growth project for your business and want to have formal financial documents created for the plan.

Business Model Plus:

  • Helps you organize your thoughts and see the connections between different parts of your planned business

  • Is designed to be revised over and over as you make decisions and discoveries

  • Is less formal than a business plan and includes fewer details

  • Helps you clarify the problems your product or service solves

  • Helps you narrow your focus onto the Value your solution provides to different people

  • Helps you identify things you don't know 

  • Puts structure around a set of assumptions that need to be validated

  • Includes access to financial evaluation tools, but does not create formatted financial documents

Business Growth Plan:

  • Helps others more clearly understand the business you see in your head and your heart

  • Show the results of your decisions and discoveries

  • Is more formal and include many details

  • Clearly states the problems you solve and specifically who your solve them for

  • Evaluates & explains the market(s) you are in

  • Measures the results that can be expected if your business model is right  

  • Includes access to financial evaluation tools and produces formal financial documents

  • Is usually required before lending or investment is offered

Business Model Creation

Business Model

•  A guided tour through the  business modeling process that will help you design the foundation of your future business.

•  Built-in educational content to help you understand both how to create a business model, and how  to explain how your idea works.

•  An always ready system that you can work on when you have time at how or on the go.

•  A final document that makes it easy to see the internal & external pieces of your business as well as how they relate to each other.

•  Piece of mind about making the decision to go all-in on this idea, or wait for the next one.

Business Planning.jpg

Business Plan

•  An easy-to-manage, but detailed journey through the business you see in your head, that will help you make it real and test it's potential.  

•  A structured method for helping you make decisions about key parts of your business while also getting your lender the information they need in the format they want.


•  Tons of built in help & how-to info for first-time entrepreneurs or businesses with lots of unknowns.


•  A data-responsive system that only asks questions relevant to your business and doesn't make you write more than is needed.

•  Lending-ready financials without having to do any math.

•  Proprietary financial validation tools that help with calculations, show you if you on track to meet your goals, and catch your mistakes before you finish your plan.

•  Proprietary operations validation tools that help keep you growth plans and your lifestyle in sync so you don't set yourself up to burn out after making a huge investment