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When working with new clients:  Most loan officers would prefer to get highly detailed, data focused, easy to read business plans that help them filter through the potential deals on their desk and let them make decisions faster so they can focus on spending their time working the deals that will get them closer to their monthly & quarterly goals.  But, because most business plans don't check any of those boxes, loan officers have to spend hours and hours reading and analyzing poorly written plans that don't even answer the questions needed to determine if the deal is worth spending time on.  

Pebble Plan fixes this by:  Providing a comprehensive data focused plan that reads like a report and answers the questions loan officers need answered so they can make a decision about where to prioritize this deal.  You can learn more about a business in 10 minutes from a pebble plan than you would get from an hour of reading a traditional plan.  

On top of that, we require that clients define their operating processes before they can create their financials, plus we have a dozen automated data checks that red-flag financial & operational assumptions that are unlikely to pass the sniff test.  When you get a Pebble Plan you know that it isn't just a good story that has no real connection to the businesses financial capabilities.  Many consulting services and software programs advise potential borrowers to start with the financials then backfill the narrative, with little to no regard to the reality of the story being told and if business owner can deliver on the operating processes he/she says they can.  This is a built-in risk that can be hard to spot and is invisible to credit reports.  


When working with existing borrowers / clients:  Most loan officers don't have the time or a reason to keep up with a client's business until there is a late payment.  Unfortunately by that time it may be hard to help that client get back on track, plus you still have to keep bringing in new loans that will pay on time.     


Pebble Plan gives you options by:  Providing an arms-length resource that can help your clients in trouble identify the problems in their business that caused them to be late and develop a plan to get back on track.  You may not want to, and probably don't have the time to dig into the source of the problems in their business, but with Pebble Plan you can give them a tool so they can help themselves.  Often times, a financial problem starts as an operational problem, which came from a fundamental  misunderstanding or misassumption about part of their business.  By revisiting the foundations of their business in the Pebble Plan process your clients have a better chance of finding where they got off track and being able to develop a plan to get back on track.  This analysis and planning can be done in days instead of the weeks or months it would otherwise take through trial & error.  Without the benefit of a comprehensive plan and the tools to help your clients stress test their planned changes before they experiment on paying customers they may be too far gone before they find the problem.

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As a loan officer, all you have to do is send your applicants & clients to this website and tell them click 'Start Your Plan'.  When they get started and invite you as a collaborator you will  get updates on their progress if you want them, and it doesn't cost you or them anything else.  They pay for their own plan, they get better prepared to succeed, and you get your time back.


If you want to see the software in action book a time for a live demo or view a recorded demo now.  



Banks want more loans, but would prefer no to deal with startups:  Startups are seen as more risky because they haven't proven they can earn a profit and pay their bills yet.  This is true, but there are a lot of existing businesses applying for loans that are equally risky because they are trying to serve todays markets with yesterday's operating processes, and they have no plan for how to stop the slow slide backwards.  If they don't change they will go under, and their loan payments will go with them; ironically, if they acted more like a startup and took a fresh look at their operating processes they would increase their likelihood of finding new ways to grow and new markets to serve. 


Pebble Plan reduces the risks of both startups and existing businesses:  Our planning process doesn't let applicants just tell you the story they want to tell, we pull back the curtain on what they are going to do, how they are going to do it and why.  We ask specific questions that give bankers key insights into whether or not how they are going to run the business is going to meet the demands of the market and make sales.  We do this with all of our users, so every business gets the benefit of examining and reexamining what works and what doesn't; if every business did this they would be less risky.

Banks want to innovate, as long as they aren't the first to try something:  Technology has made significant changes to the banking industry over past 20 years.  In the name of speed, convenience, and efficiency banks have embraced new  technologies once they had been proven in other industries or in non-bank entities.  These changes have driven record profits for some, and have shut the doors for others who got on-board too late.  With the rise of fin-tech's and the pace of change they are driving the importance of embracing the right technologies at the right time has never been greater; and for some, the risks have never been higher.

Pebble Plan helps banks innovate and de-risk at the same time:  One area where the industry has embraced change that has introduced additional and unnecessary risk in exchange for increased speed is algorithm driven lending.  By relying on FICO scores and extrapolations about future profitability to auto-determine loan eligibility, the risk of someone with insufficient business acumen getting a small business loan, then defaulting on it, is greater than ever.  In this area, the best way to make a good loan is by doing what has worked for over a hundred years, requiring borrowers to have a good plan and be able to defend it.  Pebble Plan makes this process faster and easier than every without introducing unnecessary risk; plus you get something a FICO driven algorithm can never give, the loyalty that comes from a relationship with your client.


As a leader in your organization you can get started with Pebble Plan today and add a new tool to increase the quality of your borrowers and de-risk your small business loan portfolio.


If you want to see the software in action book a time for a live demo or view a recorded demo now.  

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