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Business Plan Builder  + Curriculum

+ Community Support

This gets you monthly access to the software + access to the built-in curriculum + the ability to invite consultants and collaborators that you know to work with you on your plan.

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Business Plan Builder  + Curriculum

+ Private Consulting

This gets you monthly access to the software + the built-in curriculum + community support + a business plan expert and small business consultant available to you for an hourly rate


We partner with community and financial organizations that support small businesses and entrepreneurship throughout Texas.  Periodically they provide business plan scholarships to businesses in certain communities in their region or certain industries.  To see if there are any scholarships available in your area and if your business is eligible click 'Check and See' below then answer the questions.  If there not any scholarships in your area at this time complete the scholarship request anyway and if we find other resources that can help you we will be in touch.