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Pebble Plan facilitates collaboration among multiple community resources for the entrepreneur, and the ecosystem's benefit.  We provide a platform for entrepreneur supporters and ecosystem builders to share their expertise for the purpose of helping business owners plan their growth or recovery and get relevant information that moves them forward.

When the entrepreneurs in your community need a detailed yet easy-to-use business planning resource that lets them learn as they go, we can help.  You keep the client relationships, we add efficiency to the process, and make it easier to get financing.




  • One resource for both startups & existing businesses

  • One resource that teaches both operations & financials

  • On-demand collaborator access to the plan in progress & reports

  • Clients with more reasonable growth & profit expectations

  • An easy way to improve the readiness of applicants that are 'almost there' without a big time investment

  • The easiest-to-analyze business plan available 

  • Deeper insight into the how & why behind a client’s planned growth

  • Partners pay if you want to, or let clients pay for their services


  • A clean, intuitive, and easy to use interface; mobile & desktop

  • A built-in educational curriculum

  • Built-in validation tools and financial calculators

  • Automated financial & operational problem screening

  • Free on-demand help from collaborators

  • A non-embarrassing and non-intimidating way to see if they are ready for financing

  • No travel necessary & available 24/7

  • Works for those with limited math skills, we do the math for them

  • Affordable with no long term commitment

  • Fast & easy revisions for when their plans change


  • We work in conjunction with SBDCs and other help resources to extend their reach 

  • 24/7 access & information when other help resources are closed

  • Easy way to support entrepreneurship & grow small businesses base

  • Ready-made small business program for community groups and non-profits

  • Works for both rural & urban communities

Help us to reinvigorate local economies across America.

Do you work with entrepreneurs or small business owners that would benefit from a structured program that provides growth and/or recovery planning help in an online small group format?  Would you be willing to provide local support if the technology and curriculum were provided, and you got paid to do it?  Check out our community accelerator info and join us as a community partner.  

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