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If you have a few minutes, the message from our founder below will provide some great insight into how to get the most out of your experience with Pebble Plan. 

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Thank you for choosing Pebble Plan to help you organize your thoughts and explore the potential of your plans & ideas to meet your goals.  


Pebble Plan produces great business plan documents, but unlike other business planning software, that is not it's primary purpose.  It's primary purpose is to give you a structured and efficient way to evaluate if the business that you are planning is the right vehicle to provide you with the right mix of financial results, time away from work, and professional satisfaction, that best fits your situation.  


Our goal is to to help you plan for a business that fits your lifestyle, instead of you trying to live your life around your business.  It is quite common for a business to take over an entrepreneur's life, and most don't see it coming because they didn't plan ahead, and were only focused on work, not results.  If your plan gets it exactly right the first time, that's awesome; but if not, our system makes it easy to fine tune your plan by thinking about one aspect of your business at a time and making one change at a time until your whole business is clear to you and you can explain the details if asked. 

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs at nearly all levels of success, I have found that the things they wanted most from their businesses were 1. financial security and 2. control of their schedule.  They wanted to make enough money to be comfortable and not worry about money anymore, and they wanted to have the option to choose to work a little more or a little less when they wanted to so they had the time to enjoy their money.  How much time or money is enough is different for everyone.  But, if you are going to takes the risks and do the extra work needed to build a business, it's a good idea to also take a little time make sure that the business you are designing can produce the results you want or need.  I designed Pebble Plan to help you custom design a business that can produce what you want or need, if you are willing and able to do the work necessary to produce those results, and if you have the needed financial and time resources.  If this is the right time and the right business to take your shot, you will know your plan inside out by the time you are done, and your banker will be impressed with your readiness. 


If, on the other hand, you don't have the time, money, skillset, and endurance needed right now to produce the results you want, that's okay, things change with time and effort.  Right now may not be be the time to start or grow a full-time business; this may be the time to adjust your goals and start small so you can grow into a full-time business when you are better positioned to succeed.  There is nothing wrong with starting small if you only have the resources to start small, it's 1000 times smarter than ignoring reality and making unnecessary financial commitments, like a lease or a loan, that can hurt your ability to take care of your family and other non-work responsibilities.  Instead, customize your plan to build a business where the results give you the most they can based on the time & money you have available to put in now.   

One last thing:  Ask for help when you need it.  Everyone needs help from time to time and we have made it super easy to get many different kinds of help from anywhere in the app. 

Here's to your success! 

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