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Entrepreneurs starting and growing their businesses today have advantages and opportunities the world has never seen before, but at the same time, there is a decline in core skills like financial literacy, sales capability, and basic management.  We are also seeing a crisis of confidence among entrepreneurs that are experts in their niche skill-set, but struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other situations that make it difficult for them to connect with their customers.

Through a combination of education, skill development, encouragement, and accountability we are helping entrepreneurs to increase their core capabilities and be confident in their readiness to faces the challenges ahead of them.  We meet entrepreneurs where they are at, and plug them into resources that are appropriate for their stage of business, learning style, and readiness, including: live workshops, interactive software, self-paced courses, in-app educational guides, operations curriculum, financial curriculum, on-demand in-app collaboration, financial validation tools (sales forecasting / pricing / staffing / etc.), private progress reviews, and custom consulting referrals.


Having worked with entrepreneurs from nearly all types of backgrounds, skill-sets, industries, and experience levels I know these things to be true: 

  1. Small business is deeply personal 

  2. Chasing success by trying to be something you are not, doesn't work very long

  3. You cant be 'on' all the time, every entrepreneur needs down time or they burn out.     

As entrepreneurs, we pour ourselves into our businesses, and because of this there is a connection between how we think & feel, and how our businesses perform.  So, in order to prepare our businesses for success we have to prepare ourselves as well.  You are the battery for your business, if you are not fully charged it wont be either.


We encourage business owners to reject the 'traditional wisdom' that says in order to win at business you have to  fit the traditional mold of what 'successful' people looks like, because that is what attracts customers.


Instead we encourage entrepreneurs to dig into how their gifting's, motivations, and mindset show up in their business.  Whatever your thing is that makes your business an authentic extension of who you are, find it & own it. 

  • If you are an artist and you want your business to make the world a more beautiful place, own it. 

  • If your faith motivates you and you want your business to hold to a higher ethical standard, own it. 

  • If you have a difficult personal history and you want to show others that things can change for them, own it.


Once you decide how your story shows up in your business we will be glad to help with the resources & tools needed to figure out your business processes and financial potential.


For us, our mindset, motivations and priorities center around helping people avoid feeling fearful, powerless, and overwhelmed because they lack the business knowledge needed to run their business; but still feel compelled to more forward with their dreams.  Unfortunately, it is quite common to for people to fall into the "I'll figure it out when I get there" trap and make business commitments (leases, loans, contracts, etc.) that they are not capable of fulfilling; and the fallout from that failure makes both their personal and financial situation much worse.  We have experienced this ourselves, and have seen it first hand many times. 

We believe that through helping people make informed decisions and face their business future with eyes wide open we are saving marriages and families, we are preventing retirement savings' from being wasted, we are preventing desperation, and suicides, and addictions, and helping people avoid losing their faith in God and others.  We have seen business and financial failures lead to all of these things and more; so we are doing what we feel called to do as our part in making entrepreneurship more accessible to people that lack formal business education or training. 

We feel a special draw to encourage and support people who are wrestling with how to be successful in business without compromising their faith or getting their priorities out of line.  There can be a lot of confusion and difficult feelings associated working hard to grow the business and be profitable without making money or worldly success 
your primary motivation.  If that is you, just know that you are not alone in the struggle and that there are answers and peace to be found; keep reading & praying.


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Tracy Shea

Tracy draws on 25+ years of professional experience with careers in banking software, insurance software, and higher Ed., to compliment 12 years of business ownership and 9 years of small business consulting.  When not at his desk Tracy spends as much time as possible outside, preferably hiking or camping. 


Jennifer Shea


Jennifer has been working with small businesses and non-profits in marketing and management roles for 20 years. Her unique combination of creative, technology, and analysis skills make her an invaluable contributor to all parts of the business.  When Jennifer is not at work she enjoys painting and testing new tech.


Byron Taylor

VP of Sales

Byron is an international award winning public speaker and presenter who combines his love of speaking with 25 years of financial services sales excellence. With Byron's skills and professionalism Pebble Plan is always well represented over lunch, in the board room, or onstage.  When not working you can find Byron on his way to the lake to go fishing or taking pictures; or both.

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