Why Pebble? (the name)

  • Pebbles are individually small, yet when combined they are the indispensable for creating solid foundations (for both buildings & businesses)

  • In Greek the word Psephizo means both 'count', as in to count the cost of something, as well as 'pebble', because early civilizations used pebbles to count & calculate with.

  • Pebbles were also used in early societies to vote, as well as & indicate guilt or innocence in court

  • We are both business geeks and fans of interesting history.  

How much does it cost to start a business

This early drawing shows Romans counting with pebbles, this may be both mathematically and linguistically the origins of calculus.  But don't worry, you wont need any calculus to build a great Pebble Plan.

Our approach to business & growth planning:

  • Plans don't build businesses, entrepreneurs do.

  • The plan document just helps organize & showcase what you know.  By investing in you and helping you know more, we are helping you create the best plan you can have.

  • You don't have to be a great writer or know much about finance to be successful.  We structure our plans to make it easy to showcase what you know without tons of writing or math so more people can pursue their dreams. 

  • Plans only help business owners if the plan is specifically relevant to THAT business - No cookie cutter content

  • Bankers and other financiers want data-focused plans.  They make decisions based on your data then back them up with what they learn about you as a person separately.

  • You are responsible for managing results and risk; we will do our best to help you see as many risks as possible so you can manage them BEFORE they are likely to hurt you or your family financially. 

  • Choosing Not to start or expand a business when you don't have to time or money to give yourself the best chance to succeed is a huge Win.  When the timing is right you will much further down the road to success. 

The Pebble team:

Tracy Shea, Founder & Chief Planning Officer

Tracy Pic.PNG

Tracy has been a small business consultant Since 2014, and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs during that time helping clients plan, launch & grow  their businesses with a focus on planning for both financial success and for a business that matches the clients desired lifestyle.  During that time he has also been a judge for business modeling and planning competitions, a startup mentor, an angel investor, a business-training curriculum creator and a solopreneur.   

Having worked with a wide variety of business-types, from tech & biomedical startups to nail salons, to restaurants, non-profits, and individual tradespeople stepping out on their own, Tracy has seen and helped create hundreds of business models and business plans, many of which have gone on to be successful businesses


Frustrated and heartsick over clients who quit jobs and cashed out 401K's to pursue business dreams after being repeatedly warned that their financial plan didn't work, then watching them crash & burn; Tracy created the first versions of Pebble Plans to help clients see if their planned business would produce the financial results their family needed to maintain their current lifestyle.  Several hundred tweaks later, todays Pebble Plan does that and much more to help entrepreneurs avoid preventable mistakes that could hurt their family or their future.  Though he doesn't get to take many consulting clients anymore because Pebble Plans takes up most of his time, Tracy still enjoys meeting with entrepreneurs and helping them fill in the blanks of the business they see in their heads and hearts so they can make informed decisions about if the reward is worth the work and the sacrifices success will require.

Tracy is a startup mentor with the Texas Tech Innovation Hub, the entrepreneur in residence for PATH economic development program facilitated by Square Mile Community Development, a board member for the Amarillo Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone II, a committee member the Potter county TAMU AgriLife extension, and the author of multiple business and entrepreneur education curricula.   Tracy lives in Amarillo TX with his wife and sons.  He enjoys hiking, camping, and gardening.

Mark Nair, Technology Innovator & Educator 


 Mark has spent more than 20 years building digital platforms that handle digital content, rights management, and digital distribution. He has an extensive patent portfolio on a variety of innovative technologies. As president of Redigi, Inc, he built the world’s first used digital marketplace with blockchain and crypto tokens and currencies. He is a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors, a founding business mentor for the Texas Tech Innovation Hub, and a National Science Foundation iCorp mentor. He has more than 20 patents.

Mark has worked closely with large retailers, including Walmart, to develop digital marketing strategies for in-store promotions and events including the first generation Walmart.com website. He has built retail custom CD and DVD burning kiosks, in-store ringtone distribution stations, music and book promotional stations, digital signage displays, and back-end massively scalable content management systems, the world’s largest book scanning and AI analysis of indexes and meta-content. 

He has also produced one of the Internet’s earliest and largest live streaming events for Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees, as well as producing innovative digital marketing campaigns for Willie Nelson, Stephen King, and many other well-known artists. He’s worked with Thomas Dolby and Headspace Labs on the design of early polyphonic ringtones. 

He has also worked with Nokia in Helsinki on content for their early digital smartphone prototypes as well as with Phillips Electronics in Eindhoven on smart audio waveform interpretation for digital compression and has worked with Quanta in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China to designing a new type of e-book reader based on dynamic LCD light sensitive displays. 

Mark has his undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Texas A&M University and attended law school at the University of Texas School of Law.  He has been a member of the San Antonio Arts and Grants Commission, a board member of the Don Harrington Discovery Center, Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Amarillo Adult Literacy Council, Panhandle 20/Twenty, Haven Health Clinics, the Amarillo Little Theater, Storybridge, the Humane Society, and Mariposa Community Land Trust.

He’s been invited to speak for a variety of panels and institutions including: the National Association of Broadcasters, QuickTime Live, the Consumer Electronics Show, Texas Tech University, Rice University. He has spoken about music and interactivity at the South by Southwest conference, postmodern literature and art at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the abstraction of modern American literature and science at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and quantum mechanics at the Hong Kong science museum. 

Mark currently lives in Texas with his wife and three children. He enjoys languages and speaks German and Mandarin, as well as English.