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We cannot imagine what you are feeling right now but our prayers are with you we hope this can lessen your burden a little.


We would like to offer you access to our software in hopes that it helps a little as you are going through so much and will have important business decisions to make soon.  Our software is usually used by business owners who are planning to start a business or have gotten off track financially and need to plan their way back to stability.  Most people find it to be an easier way to organize their thoughts and plans than starting from scratch.


It's not built for your exact situation but the planning process is similar for many situations and we are making small tweaks as we can to help make it as smooth as possible.  We hope that this resource can be a blessing and a benefit to you as you consider what the future holds. 


Owners of small businesses effected by the wildfires in the Texas Panhandle


  • Free 24/7 access to Pebble Plan software/platform and all tools + learning resources.  

  • You will need access to a computer or tablet + internet

  • Limited free consultations will be available depending on the # of consultants we can find. 


Because making big decisions while going through trauma is hard, and risky, but some decisions are time sensitive and have to be made before people are ready.  


In the midst of all that you are going through, deciding how to relaunch your business, or if you even want to is not the most important thing.  But pretty soon lenders, insurance companies, suppliers, etc.  are going to be asking about what the future of your business looks like, and how loans, insurance claims, balances due, etc. are going to be paid or spent.   


Our software was built to help people take the business planning process step by step and give them the best opportunity to make 'eyes open' decisions based on a clear understanding of their resources, capabilities, operating processes, and financial potential.  We would like to help you make the best decision you can about the future of your business and what best fits your vision for your situation.


  • Starting March 5. 

  • We have 50 free licenses to start.  If you need it and will use it please take advantage of this now; if you are curious but will not use it for a while please come back when you are ready and let those who are ready to get started now use the system first.   

  • Free access for registrants is expected to last for 3 months.  



Wherever you have internet.  Online collaboration is built into the business planning app so you can invite people to help you make progress from all over as long as they have internet access as well.


Register below and we will be in touch to guide you towards the modules that should best address your needs, give you an overview of how the software works, and give you an access code that provides free access.  

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