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Calculating your business's sales capacity

Updated: Aug 12

Sales capacity is the maximum amount of sales you can make during a given period of time (a work week). By knowing your maximum potential sales you can work backwards from there and arrive at a reasonable & quantifiable expectation of sales volume.

Variables that affect sales capacity:

1. Days & hours of operation

2. Staffing

3. Speed & efficiency of the sales process.

How to calculate:

Identify each salesperson's max capacity: Based on a salesperson's schedule, divide the total minutes per week a salesperson has to focus only on selling by the average time it takes to make a thorough sales presentation (in minutes)

This will get you the max sales capacity of that sales person (on that schedule). It is important that you don't count in time that a salesperson is doing things other than selling and finishing sales with customers.

Add up the schedules: Look at your weekly schedule and add up the max capacities for the people scheduled. That is your sales capacity for that week.

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