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Increase sales interactions without wasting them

Increasing the number of times a potential customer interacts with you or one of your salespeople should increase your number of sales as long as your salespeople are not already at their max capacity and they are consistent with their closing percentages.

Try to balance your traffic to your capacity:

If Jane has a 50% conversion rate and a capacity of 20 sales per week based on her schedule then he can only handle 40 interactions per week. 40 x 50% = 20 sales. If your people are already at their max capacity, you have have two options to improve sales results:1. Staff more people 2. Shorten the sales process through training or technology.

Do Not increase sales interactions if your staff is already at their max capacity.:

If John has a max capacity of 20 sales per week but you bring in so many customers that 20 sales would leave customers unattended then those customers will leave angry because they were ignored or received slow service.

Sales automation can reduce or eliminate the risk of running out of sales capacity. A commerce enabled website can educate and sell to thousands of customers at the same time leaving your staff available to only work with those with detailed questions or that need special help.

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