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Engineering Plans


Before you spend the time & energy to create a comprehensive business plan, make sure that you have a solid foundation to build your business plan on.  Otherwise you may find yourself knee-deep into a detailed process that is asking questions you don't have answers to.  By taking the right steps up front you can make the business planning process faster, easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.


Creating a business model that shows how you get paid, and validating that the market you want to serve is capable of producing the financial results you expect is the foundation your business plan gets built on. 

Most users report that they were surprised by the new insights gained and risks identified from going through the software and not just thinking through it on their own.  Don't cheat yourself long term because you're in a hurry to get started right away.      


If you don't have any time to enjoy the money your business generates are you really winning?  The most successful people say No.  Finding a balance between your work (even if you enjoy it) and the rest of your life is a must do if you really want to be successful long term.

Learn about the process behind finding a Life/Work balance that works for you in the section below.  It is possible to design a business that produces both time & money.  But you must do it on purpose. 

Defining your business model, and being able to clearly communicate it to another person is the first step in confirming that your idea is worth pursuing.  It's not rocket science, but there is a defined method to it.  Our business modeling tool is easy to work with, and unlike other 'canvases' you won't be lost, wondering what to do next.


Get started on your business model in the section below and get ready to to start organizing the cloud of thoughts rolling around your head.  You can do this.

Once your business model is done, the next step is to confirm that your potential  customers & partners see value in the products & services you want to offer.  This is vital because it helps you avoid the common mistake of creating a product you like, but most people wont spend money on.  Asking your family doesn't  count.

Learn how to do customer & partner discovery interviews, and see how the software makes it much faster and easier.  Get started in the section below.


Puchase Pre-Launch

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